Biography: Caroline Hallowes

My own healing journey began more than 15 years ago when I first took up yoga, meditation and psychotherapy, following a period of great distress and darkness (this coincided with the age 28 Saturn return and also the Harmonic Covergence). From there I went on to study Shiatsu at the European Shiatsu School in London, where I obtained my diploma in 2001.

My inner and outer journeying then took me as far afield as Nepal and India to immerse myself in esoteric Tibetan practices and discover more about my true self. I learnt the hard way about overwhelm, trauma, not listening to myself and on returning from India I discovered the more gentle and beautiful work of craniosacral therapy and homeopathy to help me to rebalance and return to my heart path. It took a long time to trace the “fault line” of the trauma back to its original roots and thereby allowing me to now understand and be able to work with trauma on lots of different levels.

Then after losing my father in 2010, I decided to dedicate myself to biodynamic craniosacral therapy and qualified with the Resonance school in 2012. During that time biodynamic cranial work supported me through a challenging pregnancy and also an emergency caesarean for the birth of my little boy. The depth and breadth of biodynamic craniosacral therapy are mind-blowing and the subtleties fascinate and inspire me on a daily basis.

Recently I have been inspired to set up a group for women to explore inner journeying. These are called the Empress-Emerging workshops and they are dedicated to Sacred Feminine nourishment and for women who would like to connect with other Empresses on similar journeys. Please see the separate page about this.

For those of you that like to see about qualifications, here you are:

BSc(Hons) Biochemistry, Masters level PGCE, DipShiatsu, Dip BCST.

I have also completed many hours of professional development training with the Leeds Centre for Psychological Development.

I look really forward to connecting with you in some way, please contact me with any further questions.



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